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Brum Woods (Batesville, IN)

brum location

Number of Trails:

4 official with several cutoffs


HWY. 229

Batesville, Indiana 47006

39°17’28.30″N  85°13’49.07″W

Observerd Wildlife:

Chickadee’s,  Whitetail deer,  Red-tailed hawk,  Grey and Fox squirrels,  chipmunks and several species of birds and woodpeckers


This 80 acre woodland was donated to the Batesville community by the original owner Lena Brum (1900-1993). The life long resident, an ardent lover of nature, grew up in the town, attended school here and worked for the telephone company as a switchboard operator until she retired. She spent the rest of her life caring for her family and the land we now hike.  The terrain of the trail is a well-maintained earthen path with pea gravel in high-drainage areas. The gallery below shows some of the vistas and plant life we came across;  the creek, a stand of new growth timber, flowers, fungi and holly. Poison Ivy is quite common on the trail side so stick close to the middle of the path and be aware of your surroundings.  Included, as well, is a trail map of Brum Woods.

Lena’s Interpretative Nature Trail:

Interpretative trail with beautiful tree tunnels.

Holly Trail:

This trail is mostly pine forest with several small clearings along the trail.

Cedar Trail:

Inner loop of the Holly Trail.

Beech Trail:

This trail fearues a couple of stream crossings (bridged), spectacular vistas and varied wildlife.


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